The Power of “NOW”

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One can’t change the past, can’t see the future but what one can do is live the present.

According to psychologist time can be differentiate in two categories, which are:-

*Psychological time, and
*Clock time.

Psychological Time

Psychological time is a myth which is just the creation of human being and is intangible. In this category one is assuming things on the basis of past experiences or may be one is scare of future.

Clock Time

Is a circle of 24 hours where one have work. Work to not repeat past mistakes and work to have a stable future. Use your clock time to make a better version of yourself.

Living in past will only makes one feel guilty, regret, self doubt and thinking about future will makes one feel uneasyness, uncontrollable, lack of confidence. The point is, one have to overcome all the bad experience of the past and have to stop being worry about the future.

Refreshing Mingle

Use your “NOW” to vanish the past guiltiness and the fear of future. NOW is the only time you can create yourself or break yourself. Decision is all yours you want make your NOW or break it somehow.

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