1 Year Anniversary- Happy Birthday Refreshing Mingle🌈

Oh! Hey there welcome or welcome back to RefreshingMingle. Hope you are doing well.

First of all a Huge THANK YOU to all the members of Refreshing Mingle. It’s been 1 year since Refreshing Mingle was created or I should say that Refreshing Mingle has turn 1.

Here is a small video of the journey with wordpress in this one year.


Refreshing Mingle is a blessing for me where I can what I feel, what are my opinions without any second thoughts. I get a chance to connect with so many peoples around the world. I write what I feel and the amazing thing is that people are reading what I write. They are sharing their thoughts, their point of view and their perspective.

Every like on my post makes me happy and made me proud of my decision. What makes me even more happier are the comments, comments from such amazing people.

Last year on this day I was not very sure about my decision and now, today I can proudly say that Refreshing Mingle is created my me.

Thank you all for your support soon we are going to be a family of 300 members. And I can’t wait for that day.

Special Thanks to

My sister who suggested the name REFRESHING MINGLE.

And my blogger Friends



Bookishly Yours






Refreshing Mingle.

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