Our Contribution; Environment; Nature

Hello! there welcome or welcome back to RefreshingMingle. So since last year I tried to not use plastic bags as much as possible and last year it self I decided that in next(2020) I’m not gonna burst firecrackers in Diwali. You must be thinking why am I supposed to tell you that but in this blog I’m sharing by contribution to not harm the any more. So let’s begin.

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1. Not Using Plastics Bags

I haven’t left it completely but I’m still trying. I used to carry a clothe bag with me where ever I go so that just in case if I plan to buy something I don’t have to take plastic bag. I still use plastic bottles but me and my family are trying to replace it with stain less steel bottles.

2. Old Note Books

Comparatively this year I bought less note books and using the old one which still have pages. So by using last year’s note book’s pages I may be save to new note books. I’m not advising anyone but sharing my way.

3. Note Section

One more small step towards not using paper note pad is when ever we make any kind of list either to do list or grocery list we make try to do this in our phone’s note section. So we don’t have to use paper that much and this also saves time.

4. Recycling and Reusing

Tiniest step but still it left impact. What I’m saying is recycling like DIYs we can simply turn old things to something new and creative so why not recycling things which are not of us. Reusing is something which might feel old but still satisfying like not buying pens but instead buying refills. We can’t do this everytime but still there is nothing which we can’t try to do.

5. Plants

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In my previous blogs I shared that we bought some new plants. The thing is that even we know the pollution level outside but still if you have some plants in your home is not less than a haven. No one can deny how much refreshing we feel when we are close to nature. And even a step towards planting is something which we give you inner satisfaction that you have contributed something for the world.

These were just few things that me and my family do. Our little contribution. But still their are a lot things left to do but surely we will do that. So yeah! Please share some suggestions in comments so that we can do something more from our side. Thank you so much for reading my blog. Don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE and FOLLOW.

Love your Life 💝


Laziness; Procrastination

Hello! there welcome or welcome back to RefreshingMingle. Hope you are doing well. So I was talking to my friends and with all conversation we get that everyone, each and everyone has become lazy during this pandemic. All works are getting done from and there are not much things which can keeps us energetic. So that’s our this blog is going to be about.

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First of all is to realize that, there is 24 hours in a day and if you really wish you can utilize 1,440 minutes. So just plan your day. There is quote ” We Make Time For What We Want To Do and We Make Excuses For What We Don’t Want To Do. ” read it again and think what you are up to.

Work with Rhythm

Work with rhythm means work with some kind of musicor songs. Songs which helps you to keeping working for longer period. Slow songs are more better when you are reading something and fast or playful songs are better when you are writing something. It has been said that if you are working while listening
music, woqrk of your speed depends on the speed of the songs.

Multitasking is a Myth

We all heard that people want to do multitasking and they want to focus in everything but the reality is multitasking is a myth. Even if you try to do everything together everything will messed up and may be for the next few time will not be able to do anything. So better is to divide work in small tasks and do your work calmly.

Think About The Benefits and Consequences

A best to get rid of laziness and procrastination is think about the benefits of the outcome if you do the work and consequences if you are avoiding it. Thinking about the end result may bring some of motivation to finish the work so that no problem would come in up coming time. May be that fear of unwanted outcome make you enthusiastic.


The will to do work. Find a ultimate source of motivation so that when ever you feel lazy you don’t have to waste time just to find a motivation. There are hundreds of songs which can motivate you to fight laziness.

So yeah! That’s it for now. Also please share some of yours tip and tricks to fight laziness in the comments. Don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE and FOLLOW.

You are the best 💝

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The 21 Days Rule

Hello! there welcome or welcome back to RefreshingMingle. Hope you are doing well. There is rule or you can say concept the 21 days. This technique says that if you do a work or task continuously for 21 days, then you will develop a habit of doing it and will become a part of your routine.

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First Things First

I can’t say about everyone but when ever I learn about new concept I tend to try everything of it. Like I tried a lots of things to try in 21 days and wanted to develop a lots of good habits, but end up not doing anything. So the thing is go slow try one by one, and don’t let anything be burdened on you.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

We tend to use methods or technique for a thing which work someone, but it is not compulsory that if a method work of someone it and will also work on you. So direct your own method and work on it.

The Right Thing

One should wisely think and then decide what habit you want to build up or which habit you need to left. The right decision will only give you the right effect. And remember go slow.

Never Let An Exception To Your New Habit

Don’t make excuses in that 21 days period. Don’t let anything to break your promise. If you resolve to wake up 6:00AM in the morning, discipline yourself to make up at 6:00AM positively, until this become automatic.

Reward Yourself

Celebrate your accomplishments. If you completed one week with your challenge then treat yourself. If you release that you no need to remind yourself to the challenge work treat yourself. And the day all 21 days are over take a promise to continue it and celebrate.

So yeah! That’s all for now. If you had already tried it and have some other advice please let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE and FOLLOW.

Little Things; Makes Us Happy

Hello! there welcome or welcome back to RefreshingMingle. So recently we bought few plants and when we were putting mud in it and trimming it, we feel a connection with them. A happy connection.
So this is the idea of this blog, we actually run before things to be happy but we are ignoring the things which are beside us.

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Photographs which are faded now but carries a lots of story. That photo in which we don’t look good but we still have it. Why? Because the story behind that photo is more important than the looks. We all have set an inbuilt program in our head that ” If I get this then I will be happy ” like bloggers run after if I get ….. numbers of followers then I will be happy. And in this race we left behind many things which can give us happiness.


Like I have already mentioned that we bought few plants recently. When we water that plants and noticed growth in them, that point of time just changes the mood. It instantly makes you feel good. As we all know plants brings positive energy and remove negative energy.


This is the best thing, if we can do something good for others. Smile on someone’s face will make your day even more better. In this age if we just try to help with our fullness, will make us happy. And also encourage us to do it more often. Feeding a dog, a cow or giving chocolate to a child! What you do more often…?


I was reading a post in which one thing I loved the most was that, sunrise. Let me make it clear it said that if want to start something new or even if you are feeling low or unmotivated, wake up early in the morning and see sunrise. I tried this and I don’t know if that was coincidence or not but we started something that day for which we were planning for long. So you can give it a try, it might not change life but at least makes you feel good.


I heard that some people feel good when they cook food. I haven’t tried it personally (I’m not so good to cooking) but I’ll try it. But I agree with this if you cook for someone it can makes you happy. So that’s give it a try. And give rest to those who cooks daily.

So that’s it for this blog. If you also have some ideas please let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE and FOLLOW.

The Blogger Recognition Award – Thank You

Hello! There welcome or welcome back to RefreshingMingle.
So today’s blog is very very SPECIAL.. Today noon I got a comment on my last post which is from “Akriti Jha” ( Recipe of Life) she nominate for Blogger Recognition Award😁.
A huge thanks to Recipe of Life (Akriti Jha& must visit her blog https://akritilifestyle.wordpress.com

The Rules…

1.) Thank the blogger that nominated you and give a link to their site.

2.) Do a post to show your award.

3.) Give a summary of how your blog started.

4.) Give two pieces of advice for any new blogger.

5.) Select at least 15 other bloggers for this award.

6.) Let each nominee know you’ve nominated them and give a link to your post.


On August 2020 this idea pops up in my mind, to start blog. That time I was not sure if people would like my words and if I will be able to attract others towards my blog, but my sister supports me and basically “RefreshingMingle” my blog’s name is decided by my sister and on 8th of September I created my ID in wordpress. On 19th of September on my sister’s birthday my first blog was posted. I still remember that filling before pressing “update” key I was happy, nervous, excited and a lot confused, but then also my back bone (my sister) supported me even now also she supported me a lot. I accept I don’t have hundreds of followers but still I have followers who reads my blog and even like them. So yeah that’s it.


Even I’m also new in blogging world but still I have some advice which I learned in my journey till now :-

1.) Post continuously

I personally believe if I visits in anyone’s blog and I don’t find many post I ignore them no matter how attractive their words are. And I want this in my blog too, if anyone visits I don’t want them to feel that I don’t have much to write or share. So yeah continuously is very important, post blog in different topics and don’t limit your blog.

2.) Don’t ignore

No beginners choose blogging as full time job, thus don’t give your whole day in blogging and writing post this was the mistake I made I used to spend my whole day in blogging even I was forcing myself to write more everytime and I don’t even realize when I started to ignore my studies. When I realise this I take a break for about 15 days then I again start with new strategies, I note the topics for blogging when ever it comes in my mind and I promise myself that I will not force my self to write long post and post daily.


1.) Half Melody (passenger of own ride)
2.) Sukanya
3.) Aaliya’s Nook (Aaliyazoya)
4.) Vikas Karmani
6.) Refresh Home Decore
7.) Nourish Your Soul ( Leah )
8.) Johnwred Photographer

And the rest of 6, I’ll comment them on there blog post. So remember my name (RefreshingMingle)

Again thank you so much for nominating me.


Hello! There welcome to Refreshing Mingle.

Let’s start

Okay so, The concept of minimalism teaches us to living with less, now by less it doesn’t mean that you should not full feel your wish or your need. Minimalism says spend on less, if the thing is not of need then there is no need to have it.

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Now by it means if you are thinking to buy something you need to check these 3 point. Firstly check if there is any need to buy an object or not if yes then secondly check the strongness of the object and on the if you need the object and it is strong too then you can go on its look.

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Invest the money which you have saved from minimalism lifestyle, spend it on travles, start a good course, or even spend on things which makes other happy.

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This means that there is no need to buy same kind of thing if one is already their. For example, there is no use of having more than one sunglass, if you already have a black jeans than why should spend on black jeans again. I hope I making it understandable.

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Minimalism is a deep concept, it helps us to learn that we can live our life gracefully with less, minimalism says us,spend on long running things like water bottle instead of plastic bottle we can spend on steel bottle which ultimately help to save the environment.

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Before you start your minimalism journey you need to remember this that minimalism lifestyle is a process it doesn’t happen overnight. You need to have patience and you must do this continuously.

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So, yeah that’s all for now about minimalism. If you are interested we can bring part -2 of minimalism. So let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE and FOLLOW.

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Hello! there welcome or welcome back to Refreshing Mingle.
In last few days I have been feeling really low and surrounded with negativity. I tried to get rid of this and I start saying thank you for everything I get. Then I found some other ways to practice gratitude. Let’s discuss that…

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This is an old tradition to say thank you before having any meal of the day either breakfast or lunch or dinner or any other snack, that the God gave us food. Including this in habit creates a big change. After this you will develop a habit of being grateful for what you have and for all the things you have like a specific like of problem.

2.) SAVE

Not saying thank you, but also saving is a good practice. Like watering plants, feeding animals even putting water for birds not just in summer but in every season. There are variety of things which looks tough but is actually doable. You might already heard or read this quote ” Be The Change You Want To See.” And honestly I totally believe that.


Everyday write 5 things you are Grateful about, like family friends, the technology, the environment or anything you will you have and you are glad to have that. We all are so lucky to have something which someone is wishing to have. The pair of shoes may be you are refusing to wear just donate it. And that smile of someone’s face will make your day.

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I can totally agree that we can’t be happy all the time, we can’t laugh all the time just to make someone feel that we are happy. Sometimes it’s okay to put your point in some matter, you can’t be agree to everyone’s opinion all time and it naturally acceptable. And the reason before including this point is sometimes it’s okay to think about ourselves because you first guest is your soul, feed it with self love.


We all are perfectly imperfect people. And we can’t have each and everything we wish to have. May be we need to wait for the right time to things to be happen. So let’s take pledge to accept what we have, to wait what we don’t have, to gain what is ours and to let go what is not good for us and environment.

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So yeah! That are things I practice. You have any other way to practice gratitude, please let us know in the comments. And also don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE and FOLLOW.

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Hello! there welcome or welcome back to Refreshing Mingle.
So today we are gonna be talking about mindful, relaxing Evening \ Night HABITS.


When ever you feel like now you don’t have to go on that particular day just put your used clothes in laundry, if you don’t feel like to wash it just don’t. But put your dirty clothes in a pile to wash. Why this habit? First of all it gives you a feeling of systematic living at you are being systematic and next is that it would be a lot more easy for you when you decide to wash your clothes you don’t have to find it or don’t have to go place to place to search your clothes.

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This is not a habit but a step to be relax specially after a hectic day, not with anyone just you go out side for a short walk, sit in you balcony or even in terrace. Sit alone talk to yourself about the day or just play a pleasant music. It will not only gives you time alone for yourself but also improves mood as well as helps you to think about something which you are ignoring since long.

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Washing face, hands and legs with cold water gives instant freshness. Even people believe that splashing water in the evening removes all the negativity which you get in throughout the day. And after washing face, hands and legs just continue with work which you want to do or work which is left.

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Yes, electronic-less evening why not! We all you phone through out the day. Can’t we just put it down and relax in fresh air, nothing artificial sound, talk to your family, read a book. Actually there are lots of thing that you can do. Yes we can’t completely left our phone but at least can try. Set a timer and start for as long as you can.

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I’m pretty much sure that you had heard that we should spend time with family. This lockdown even explains it better that how much important family is. So just a half an hour or one hour at least we should seat with family and discuss the day talk about parents childhood and then lots of door will open automatically (if you know what I mean).

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Just lay down in bed and think how was your day was it same as you planned or think, if what not then what was the reason for that. Plan your next day, make to do list. If not then just prepare a blue print of next day in your bed. But make sure don’t let your mind travel to different things, this thing can lead to insomnia.

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So yeah! That’s it for now. If you also have an evening habit which I didn’t mention and you think that can help other please let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to LIKE , SHARE and FOLLOW.

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Hello! there welcome or welcome to RefreshingMingle.It is written in Bhagawat Geeta “Change is the rule of the world.”

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I can’t say about anyone else but me and my family were having a lot of expectations for this year 2020, but nothing goes according to plan. This year has taught a lot of things as well as has taken lives too. School and colleges were shut down, work from home was implemented, virtual school was started and some actually learn something good for their future.


Thousands of people lost their job, many people were far from their family for months. People suffer from depression even some of them suicide. Small business were shut, business man faces loss. Studies disturbed, and a lot of things happen during this year we all went through a tough time. Honestly online classes – online school is just formality I didn’t understand anything from my online class. One virus force us to seat at home for months.

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A coin has 2 sides one is unfavorable and other one is favorable. Lots of people works in their hobby and some of them decided to continue as passion, lockdown has forced to seat at home and doing this we spend a lot of time with family reconnect with old friends and actually helps mother In kitchen. This pandemic is tough but still there is a satisfaction that we are able to fight in the situation where no one can meet in personal but still standing together.

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In my perspective, I learnt to be happy with all I have because we can’t imagine the ones pain who everything. This pandemic taught me to live in present as we planned for the but nothing happened accordingly. I try to learn some different recipes, I draw, even I try to learn coding and ethical hacking at least now this phrase are not unknown to me. And we celebrate everybody’s birthday without going out. And and and… I started my own blog “REFRESHING MINGLE”.

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We haven’t meet our friends for long but for their health and safety of our family. A few months are left and this year 2020 will end. Let’s just go through each and every moment no matter good or bad. We were frustrated that we are not able to go out chill with friends, their is another moment when we enjoy a cup of tea with family and open unknown pages of book.

Hey! Hope you also went in back months and search at least a moment of smile. By the way, please share a funny moment of your and family in the comments. Don’t forget to LIKE , SHARE and FOLLOW .

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Learn To Love Your Life

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Hello! there, Welcome or welcome back to Refreshing Mingle.
Let move on to the topic unproductive but still productive. You don’t have be super productive to complete tasks or utilise full day. Even when you are feeling unproductive you can still work which counts in productive work list. So let’s begin!


Sometimes we feel drained and sad you can utilize this time to clean your study or work place. This will not only gives you a feeling of accomplishment but also it improves mood. Play a music a start.


There is always some work left, maybe a very small one which we are procrastinating since long time like buying that kitchen cleaning liquid, or cell for the wall clock, getting a new hair cut, or just washing shoes.


Even if will feel like not doing anything we can do something more that may save few minutes of next day like meal prep, grocery shopping, select clothes for 2-3 days or laundry.


Even you don’t wanna do above ones you can simply do something else like cleaning your water bottle, just seat by your side and enjoy a cup of coffee alone with out phone or even talking to anyone else or pour your favorite drink or juice in a glass and cook something that you love or try a new recipe.


Getting things done, prepare for the week and many more this we go on and on and on. Even you can do 2 things together like meal prep and watching your favorite movie or webshow, folding clothes and video calling to friends and family. Just completing tasks, work when you don’t feel to do so is not productive just waste your time and then realize how much important your time is and repeat this at least once or twice in 4 months.


Yes! Recharge yourself, You always don’t have to work to be productive, sometimes just not doing and charging is the best option. I have seen that we work hard everyday, we run to get things done and when we accomplish one thing we run another. So just stop and slow down give rest to your body. It’s okay to taking off from work for 2 days or maybe 1 day or just even half day.

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So yeah! These were just my suggestion. If you also know any ways to be productive in unproductive days please share with us in the comments, and don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE and FOLLOW.

Lots of Love … RefreshingMingle

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