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“Storm Community” it’s a small initiative that we are taking. Let me explain it clearly, these days we all are dealing with some kind of mental disturbance some of us are mentally stressed and exhausted even people these days are dealing with depression. We are surrounded with negativity, tensions and fear too. Many of us have siblings, best friend and friends to share thoughts with and talking to someone really helps to clear thoughts and makes us feels light.

Still some people are there who don’t have siblings or friends to share their thoughts with. This Community is for them. We decided to build this community so that people from anywhere can come here and can express their feelings, can say anything about anyone no one is going to say anything to them. We just want people to light their mind.

One think I want to make sure that no one is gonna judge others on the basis of the problems they share, how they share and on the basis of language.

One can use any language can say anything about anyone friends, partner, parents, sibling, colleague, boss, neighbors, teacher, principal about management or anything.

If you feel like you are grateful about anything then comment your gratitude list in the comments may be your comment make someone realize that their is alot to be grateful about.

Even if this will help just person we will win. It is an small initiative from outside. If you are agree with us then let people know about “Storm Community”. Make your contribution.

If you LIKE this Do Share this with others may be this can help someone.

Refreshing Mingle.

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