Covid-19, Second Wave

Hello! there welcome or welcome back to RefreshingMingle. My last blog post was about SelfLove– Take care of Yourself here is the link If you haven’t seen yet.
So as we all know The second inning of Corona Virus has been started and this inning is more dangerous than the first one. During last month or so we all did things which we should avoid during the pandemic. So this is the time when we have to take double precautions and should take care of ourselves for our family.

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Avoid Gathering

Last month my friends and friends of friends had a get together which was genuinely dangerous specially when we all know that the pandemic hasn’t ended yet. So it’s a humble request from RefreshingMingle to the readers please avoid gathering.


During festive season, we already munch healthy food and ignore the fact of taking care of health so now take care of your health, boost your immunity and don’t let that virus to effect on you. Take proteins, vitamin and minerals. Have a healthy diet full with nutrients.

Extra Precautions

Try to not go outside as much as possible and if it is important to go outside take extra precautions, maintain distance, if someone is not wearing mask ask them to wear it properly, after coming home wash your hand, face, eyes and legs properly. Also sanitize your phone, glasses wallet and purse too.

Just a small mistake or laziness to avoid precautions can be dangerous for and for your family.

So yeah that’s all for this blog. Tell some of the precautions that you take in the comments. Also don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE and FOLLOW.

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