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We all wish to have a person in our life you would stand in our bad times, who would appreciate in our good times, supporting in worst and enjoying the best. We call person “Best Friend”. But why we want an another person to become so why can’t we let ourselves to be our Best Friend.


Being your own Best Friend is a small step towards befriending yourself. It doesn’t mean that you need to isolate yourself but it mean even if people are not around you to help Be Your Own Help.

When one start growing old it is hard to find people who can be with all the time, who would receive your call, who would listen to you unconditionally.
Befriending means when you accept yourself as you are, you start loving your work, your imperfections, you perfection when you learn to choose you over depression.

Self criticising, self doubt is a part of people’s everyday life. People can hold hands to come out of dark but the one person who will push from inside to come out of dark is you.

Listen to your self. Imagine your friend called you and start speaking endlessly may he/she was worried or tensed what is the one thing you would do? Okay what you would expect if you were there in his/her place obviously wants to be listened. That’s what one have to do to self. Your thoughts, your mind either negative or positive. Listen to yourself and collect your thoughts.

People don’t actually need sympathy they need empathy. Be Your Own Best Friend.

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