What is Your Definition of Peace?

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I have a Question-
What is Your Definition of Peace?

Peace is a state of mind where there is no stress or disturbances. Is something where no one can disturb one or one escape to somewhere is search of Peace.


For every individual they have their own definition of peace. For some people peace is about far away from crowd, noises and surround by favourite things. Like reading, cooking, singing, dancing.
On the other hand for some people Peace is about escape from reality for sometime is peace. Like leaving a gathering and spending some time alone.

One thing which common in Evey way of peace is it is about the individual. Person imagine the state of peace according to his/her mindsets.
Peace is a psychological term, it is intangible- it is difficult to feel its presence but definitely its absence can be feel.

Peace is not about escaping or about moving it is about on that particular moment when one choose to see peaceful things.
Like studying for hours it is absolutely normal to get frustrated but is it correct to escape from there or to just go through all the pages and see how far you have come. Even 4 pages is sufficient to come far from where one were few days back.

Peace is when without any silence all the tension, frustration or stress vanish not when one choose to be in a silent place.
In some Morning, when one woke up and starts the day without any expectations, had breakfast with family and went to work and after returning home not matter how was day the day in office. The peace is returning home, having family to talk and have an another chance to make things better next morning.

Everyone has their own definition of peace. Mine is starting a day and in the end of the realising that I have come far not to escape and I have yet another chance.

What gives you Peace?
What is your Definition of Peace?
Answer Yourself.

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