Lies We Need to Take the Lid Off

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There are certain times where we get to hear advice which are absolutely lies and people want us to make that lies an absolute truth of our life. Which is wrong and we need to stop.
So here in this blog we are going to talk about some lies we need to take the lid off.


Not Everyone is Your Friend

We met so many peoples in life who treats us like we are one of the most important person of their life but this can’t be true for everyone. Some people just the too good to be true game to attract and to be popular among. So not everyone who is sweet to you is good for you.

It’s all About Luck

Failure is treated as the choice of luck but it is whole lie. It is a matter of time and effort. If your efforts are true nothing and no one can stop you from being successful. Our society has a mindset if one fails in something it’s his/her luck and he/she have to accept it. But don’t give it a damn. You know what is best for you.

Self love is an Act of Selfishness

Our society has a mentality that if one is trying to love herself/himself it is selfishness but that’s not the truth. If one is not ready to love herself/himself as they are how can they expect to get love. Self Love is not selfishness it is an act in which one is appreciating their existence.

A Individual is not Enough to Bring Change

No, absolutely no. If one really, really wants he/she can motivate others to bring good change and can be good change. It is just an excuse to deny to be a part that initial struggle. Don’t let that unnecessary advice destroy your will to do.

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Don’t let Outer Negativity Burn Your Inner PositivityπŸ’–

Refreshing Mingle.

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